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We can help in the following areas:

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Tax Strategies

  • Create tax-advantaged income streams

  • Use tax laws for tax-deferred accumulation

  • Control income to avoid higher taxes and taxes on social security

  • Minimize impact of taxes on transferring assets to beneficiaries

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Legacy Planning

  • Deciding the when, who, and how much to pass on

  • Using vehicles to leverage assets

  • Avoiding unnecessary costs for passing money on to beneficiaries

  • Taking advantage of tax laws to transfer assets

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Asset Protection

  • Making the shift from wealth accumulation to asset protection

  • Reaching a balance between safety and growth

  • Understanding the options available 

  • Dealing with inflation

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Retirement Planning

  • Deciding when is the best time to retire 

  • What to do about health care

  • What does a day in retirement look like?

  • What will our expenses be?

  • How to create income streams guaranteed for life

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Holistic Planning

  • What are the real statistics associated with needing care?

  • Will Medicare or a supplement pay for LTC?

  • How does one qualify for government benefits?

  • New alternatives for protecting assets from LTC expenses

Long-term Care

  • Using a comprehensive questionnaire

  • Taking advantage of IRS and tax law changes and updates

  • Putting the pieces together and making sure they fit

  • Regular reviews and meetings to make sure we are staying on the right track


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